Vinyl / Laminate

Some of the challenges these days with hard surfaces are the performance and looks and maintaining the homeowner's satisfaction.

Sheet Vinyl will give a combination of incredible realism and comfort with durability and affordability. Universal designs deliver a style that allows for the unique needs of the residential builder and multi-family property owner.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a nice look when considering vinyl floors, no seams showing since the pieces are in plank 7” X 4’. If damage happens in one area the piece or pieces are popped out and new pieces are replaced. This flooring is extremely durable. No need to replace the whole floor.

Laminates are a great floor to use in the living areas and bedrooms. They must stay out of areas with any moister such as laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms. The floors are easy to maintain and fit into most budgets.

Hybrid floors have a waterproof core that can be used in all areas on your home. It does not expand or contract and is 100% waterproof. This material can be installed over existing floors and hides imperfections in any subfloor.

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